'Mindus Amitiel Debsin' is a child-soul.

My central WWW Homepage:

Greetings, my electronic-empowered peers! My name is 'Mindus Amitiel Debsin', and I was previously known as 'Steven Jacob Brock-Chiara'. My mother is Susan C. Weeks nee Brock, and my father is Joseph David Chiara. I very much adore my father.

Here is a list of my WWW sites and online identity:

Mastodon Qen'Leiar (Mindus Amitiel Debsin)

WT.Social Mindus Debsin; so far, unused

Steam profile, primary Debsin / Qen'leiar
Steam profile, secondary M.A. Debsin
Steam profile, tertiary Tiberiusfury
Lutris profile Debsin
RSI / Star Citizen Debsin

The Reverie of Icarus Old Blog, hidden
Quest for Immortality Semi-active
Letters and emails posted online Wordpress, hidden
Storm of Wars guild page Old, now irrelevant

Twitter (MA_Debsin) Main social media account, updated often
Facebook (Mindus Amitiel Debsin) Less active social.. lots of photos and family
Quora (Mindus-A-Debsin) Often reading this and occasionally posting. I HATE their ads.
Youtube (Tiberiusfury) Transitioning this to my newer Google-workspace account
Github (Mindus-Amitiel-Debsin) No repos yet, but perhaps in the future! I am concernned about the new ownership!
Twitch (ma_debsin) I am not a streamer!

Other eMail addresses:

Tiberias@u.washington.edu My 2008 Univ eMail. I was able to register for Facebook then!
My oldest eMail address, possibly from y1999 or so. I hate the TOS changes they've made.
Tiberiusfury@gmail.com My old primary eMail, registered one of the first days that GMail was available.
AslanRichman@zoho.com An eMail I used to try to escape the soul-censorship around my person.
Jonha.Silverworm@zoho.com Another 'escape-eMail' which is a reference to the Angelo, Jonha.
Qen'Leiar@Debsin.us My new gaming eMail, which I invented myself and am hoping to make my primary name.
Lux.et.Veritas@Debsin.us A name which means "Light and Truth" and I wanted to hold for my own reasons.